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9th Corporate Treasury in Russia and CIS

Driving the Effectiveness of Treasury Strategies in the Current Market Conditions

24-26 Sep 2014
Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya, Moscow, Russian Federation

Conference Workshop

Workshop Title: Hedging strategies: Addressing the volatile exchange market
Our interactive practical master class will allow participants to hear about real examples of successful currency risk hedging in a company, the use of specific hedging instruments, the functionality of pricing, as well as discuss issues and the feasibility of this procedure in current economic environment.
Workshop Moderator:

Why You Should Attend

9th Corporate Treasury in Russia and CIS

By attending this event you will gain knowledge and practical examples regarding best methods of currency, credit and interest risk management; you will hear about real cases of automation and centralization processes in holdings, and find out how other companies manage their liquidity and working capital in current economic conditions as well as implement transfer prising. The conference will also discuss challenges of financing and give the opportunity to companies to discuss their concerns with banks. In addition, the conference is filled with a number of panel discussions and interactive sessions which allows delegates not only to hear about particular cases of a company, but to understand the position and opinions of the majority regarding the most topical concerns nowadays.


Discuss how market risks impact the company’s liquidity.

Effectively build a strategy to hedge currency risk.

Manage and Predict company’s liquidity during the crisis.

Analyse current funding problems and availability of funding.

Build an effective treasury system through automation and centralization.

Key Topics

  • Best practices of currency risk management
  • Effective tools for credit risk management
  • Possibility of moving away from the dollar for international payments
  • Best practice in counterparty credit risk management
  • Effective ways to forecast liquidity and cash flow
  • Previous Attendees Include

    • Vice President of Finance
    • CFO
    • Head of Treasury, Treasurer
    • Financial Comptroller
    • Financial / Risk / Cash Manager
    • Financial Analyst
    Of leading companies in the commercial sector of Russia and CIS; as well as representatives of major banks, stock exchanges, lawyers, software providers and leading financial advisors.

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    Practical Insights From

    Mikhail Rogov
    Eurasian Federation of Risk Managers (EFORM)

    Association of Corporate Treasures
    Best two-times Risk Manager of Russia

    Pavel Ananienko
    Head of Treasury

    Evgenia Lesnyak
    Head of Treasury
    Alcor & Co (L’Etoile)

    Nataliya Suhovolskaya
    Head of Financial Department
    Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company

    Olga Nikitina
    Head of Cash-Management Department, Treasury

    Oleg Barabanov
    Treasury Director

    Oksana Kuzmina
    Head of Treasury

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    Voice of Our Customers
    • “A great opportunity to share experiences and ideas with highly interested parties”, - Financial Director, Rubex Group
    • “Conference at a high level, well organized, the participants and speakers kindly shared their experience; presentations are clear and well understandable”, - Treasury Specialist, ZAO 'FosAgro AG'
    • “Thank you for organizing the conference. The topic is quite relevant, especially for small businesses. Learned a lot of interesting things to use in practice within our company”, - Economist of Liquidity Management Department, LSR group Ltd
    • “Exchange of experience of large corporations in financial management, using advanced technologies and approaches, which allow an objective assessment of the development level of the financial future of the company. Gives an insight into the possible horizon and useful information for the improvement of financial policy”, - Head of Financial Department, Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company OAO
    • “Relevance of the topic is high. Interesting list of participants in terms of exchanging experience regarding large-scale projects including creation of corporate treasury”, - Head of Treasury, United Engine Corporation Managing Company
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